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being done. >> there is a history of violence towards transgender student and history of bullying and dediscrimination and harassment going on in the school, from the students perspective. >> is this unreported violence? >> in many cases, it's been reported. and young people and their families have been talking to school administrators about the problems and the school administration has not been doing enough to fix the problems in the school climate. >> now the other promise made today came from the school board president. he told us this afternoon before they knew that this case wasn't actually real, that he believed cameras would have been critical to preventing and helping solve this crime. there are cameras in several schools already, but hercules does not have them. they actually weren't considered a high priority school, but this incident put hercules at a much higher priority. >> he said hercules was on the bottom of the list. >> because it's the newest school. this school just opened in
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2002. schools open in the 60s. >> but you made this one up? >> absolutely. >> when i talked to ramsey 30 minutes ago, i asked if hercules would get those cameras, he said absolutely. even given this new development. again, he says there are still issues here that need to be addressed. these cameras would cost $2 to $3 million. they wouldn't be in place for about 18 months because plans still need to be made. charles ramsey is on his way back to the school to talk about this new development and you'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. live in hercules, ktvu channel 2 news. >> school administrators were quick to act yesterday in part because they have had issues before with transgender students. just four months ago, another transgender student was involved in a fight at hercules high school. 16-year-old said the fight followed several days of taunting and bullying. the west contra costa school district revised its policies. the action was in response to a
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federal report issued last fall that said those issues were prevalent at district schools. new at 5:00, an attack on an 80-year-old woman. she was tied up and robbed in her own home. she lives in a quiet subdivision in dublin. paul chambers is live at dublin police department on what action police are taking to address residents fears. paul. >> heather, i spoke with dublin police. they will hold a meeting this week. i have also learned from a woman who asked me not to show her identity. it was not the only thing that happened in that community. >> fourth incident in less than a week. i think it was over the weekend, they had three houses that they broke into. >> around 9:00 last night, the woman in her 80s woke up to three men in her bedroom. police say the victim was tied up and the robbers took her money and jewelry. the men then went through the home taking more valuables
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before leaving. the victim was unharmed and able to make it to a neighbor's home. people living in this community, it might be time to look at other actions to keep residents safe. >> some want a gated community, that's not going to work. and then, you know, they want to hire security to drive around at night. >> now police say video surveillance suggests the suspects are driving a newer model dark colored chevy or gmc pickup truck. that meeting will happen this thursday at 7:00 at dublin city hall. i also learned that there were five incidents, including last night, five incidents in that community since march 1. police say they are looking at these as possible connected crimes. of course, i'll have much more on this website on our 10:00 news. live in dublin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> new developments tonight from san francisco where supervisors today voted to ban the sale of bottled water on city property in favor of tap
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water. ktvu's david stevenson is in the city where they had a taste test to prove their point. >> these are the type of bottles the city hopes to phase out. that will require a lot of people to make major adjustments. >> this tap water? >> san francisco put its watt tore a taste test today, inviting residents to tell the difference between bottled water and tap water. >> i picked the one i thought was tap water, but it's bottled water. it's a big surprise. >> the taste test came on a day where city supervisors stopped the sale of bottled water on city property. the goal is to cut plastic waste. more drinking fountains and refillable bottle stations be built. >> there are many options other than from a wasteful plastic water bottle experience. >> they say bottled water is unnecessary. it creates waste. >> in this cartoon, the
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international bottled water association says most people won't carry refillable containers and that bans encourage consumers to turn to drinks high in calories. >> norman bought drinks that were available, sugary drinks, also packaged in plastic. >> it's not very convenient. if i'm walking around, i don't want to be carrying a big water battle. >> the ban is getting mixed reviews. >> i think a lot of people prefer the convenience. >> businesses such as this one whose owner says she'll take a financial hit. >> i think ultimately, going to give us an opportunity to substitute for something we can make ourselves. >> the ban won't affect races, such as beta breakers. it is set to phase in late this year and completely cover all other city events on city properties by 2016. reporting live in san
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francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are not paying their fair share. that's what the california state board is saying tonight about people in businesses around the state who are dodging their tax payments. the agency released its list today of the top 500 sales and tax delinquencies and they owe $515 million. nine of the alleged tax yes are located in the 6 in -6z 6 in 6 bay area counties. toping this list statewide is a sacramento business registered as richard w.p. owing more than $3.8 million. coming in second, is kings dry wall supply. three-day blights incorporated in anaheim rounds out the top three. the bay area companies on this list include universal floor covering and hayward, north bay wellness group in santa rosa. a and a sales and marketing which does business and san
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jose's celebrity services. we posted the full list of the tax offenders on our website, if you'd like to take a look at it. >> the transportation agency voted unanimously this afternoon to expand a pilot program that limits where oversized vehicles such as mobile homes are allowed to park overnight in the city. the program began last june after complaints from city residents who said the vehicle owners were littering, taking up parking spaces and causing neighborhood blight. under this expansion, the agency will band long-term parking of oversized vehicles in 61 areas in the city and do outreach to the affected areas to inform them of the new rules. >> a woman found dead on a freeway offramp in san jose has been identified as 47-year-old, samira of san jose. the chp believes it was a hit- and-run around 3:00 to this morning. drivers on northbound interstate 280 reported a body on the zaire toga offramp.
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investigators trying to figure out if she jumped from the overcrossing or hit while walking. more moves in what has become a political game of chess between the united states and russia over ukraine. this morning, president obama offered a $1 billion loan to ukraine to support their economy after where you sha decided to cancel the energy subsidies it sends there. unidentified troops remain and minor clashes between russian and ukrainian troops continue today. it is estimated that there may be as many as 16,000 russian troops in the region and russian president, vladimir putin, says his intention is not to fight the ukrainian people, but he's not ruling that out if force is necessary. president obama disagrees. >> together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention
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in krimea. >> john kerry spent the day in ukraine visiting a memorial to people killed during the violent protests there and met with the country's active leadership. the united states and 14 other nations formed a military observer mission to monitor the tense region. california lawmaker weighed in saying that the u.s. needs to avoid conflict. >> russia is critical to other conflicts that we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. so we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> stocks rebounded on the news that russian troops had returned to their base rather than remaining near the border of ukraine. the dow sup more than 200 points. the nasdaq up almost 75 points. tracking more wet weather headed our way. the timing on the next system and when your area should see the bulk of the rain. >> bay area school where half of the kindergarten class is not vaccinated. the new interactive tool parents can use to learn of the
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outbreak risk at their child's school. a man found burned to death. what we're learning about a potential link between these two mysterious and deadly cases., the online source for complete bay area news coverage.
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take a look, a major mess to clean up. after a speeding and allegedly drunk driver caused damage along an entire city block. it happened just after midnight on san pablo avenue. police say the driver barreled on to the sidewalk and took out a sign, a tree, and a bus bench before plowing into a car dealership. neighbors tell us speeding is common in this area. >> 25 miles per hour, but i see people going 20, 30 over the speed limit all the time. >> police say the male driver tried to run, but was arrested.
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they aren't releasing his name, but he is 25 and from berkeley. he faces charges of dui, hit- and-run, and resisting arrest. >> we have just heard from the u.s. attorney's office about three san francisco police officers who are charged with corruption stemming from drug raids. three of the six appeared in court today for a status hearing. the judge set a motion hearing for april 8 on the indictments of southern station officers. the other officers are said to appear in court tomorrow. the officers face corruption charges ranging from drug dealing, theft, and civil rights violations. >> the berkeley defense attorney who represented yousif bay in the murder of chauncey bailey must surrender her license for two years. brown smuggled documents without permission after a visit from bay in 2010. the documents included a greeting card and list of witnesses testified against bay
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at the murder trial. brown initially denied the crime, she later removed herself from the case and ultimately confessed. >> new information tonight about a badly burned body found outside an oakland apartment building. this is the same complex where another body was found less than a month ago. ali is live where she has been working to try to find out if those two deaths are connected. ali. >> reporter: oakland police say they are looking into whether these two cases are connected, but they are not telling us much more than that. today the alameda county coroner's office identified the man found burned as richard fang of oakland and his cause of death was from extensive thermal burns. from the fire scene taped to the black burn mark on the wall. evidence of the fire at this forplex is still visible. >> 4:00 saturday morning, this neighbor said she heard a loud boom followed by emergency
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vehicles. hours later, learned what was on fire was the body of a 56- year-old man. >> this is also strange, she told us, especially since it's the second time in a month someone has been found dead here. on february 7, police came to the home to do a welfare check and found 77-year-old, susan unresponsive. she died later that day. during the investigation, police told ktvu that a 56-year- old man was found dead with with her at the time. we searched and found 77-year- old, fong, was the owner of this property. nearly a month after the incident, her cause of death is still listed as under investigation. >> but neighbors say the two were related, fong was the aunt and he worked as the property manager for the building his family owned. >> now late this afternoon, we did hear back from oakland police who say their investigators are working their cases and cannot reveal anymore cases right now. we may get an update about a
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possible connection. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> state lawmakers are considering legislation that would make tax refunds automatic if the tax was later declared illegal or unconstitutional. right now, taxpayers needed to go through an appeals process to get their money back. one example of a tax that is being challenged is the fire tax that californians have to pay if they live in rural areas. this new legislation would make it easy to get any money back after a court challenge. >> it's not our money. it's the people's money. we shouldn't put up unnecessary hurdles to make them jump through to get back money they never should have had to pay in the first place. it seems only fair. >> the legislation would also extend the appeals period to give taxpayers more money to apply for refunds they deserve. >> facebook's quest to sign up its next billion areas could use solar powered drones. facebook is in talks to buy
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titan aerospace, which makes high flying drones that can stay aloft for five years. the drones would then be used to create internet connections. the idea may also be connected to facebook's purchase of mobile messaging service, what's app, last month. google has been testing the similar concept to create internet hubs with weather balloons. >> a stolen puppy that we told you about a few weeks ago has been returned to a bay area animal rescue group. little jamie was up for adoption when she disaperiod two weeks ago. after ktvu aired reports of the dog napping, a woman in half- moon bay recognized the cute pup. >> someone bought her from a fellow on the beach in santa cruz for $100. just being offered up, want this puppy, i can't have the puppy, you know, take her home. >> the person who bought jamie returned the pup today. she isn't allowed to have a dog where she lives, but people at
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the milo foundation won't have any trouble finding her a good home. >> i don't think so. that little guy was cute. let's talk about our weather. the rain is over at least for now, but is more on the way? >> there's more rain on the way, but it's going to be light, like what we saw last night. not a lot of rain coming out of the clouds. we do have some sprinkles or drizzle possible tonight in the forecast as we go through the next couple of hours or so. but it will be very light. some drizzle. temperatures outside are mild. even have some upper 60s today out there. it was pretty warm. the overnight lows tonight are going to be down into the upper 50s. so these are your overnight lows. it's going to be a warm evening with temperatures, you know, normally this time of year, 40, upper 30s, but we're looking at 54 in concorde. 53 in fremont. so a warm start to your wednesday. and then things start to change around. it's cloudy and mild outside right now. take a peek at what we're talking about. it's beautiful.
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the sunset tonight will be stunning. a look at oakland toward san francisco and getting some breaks. cloudy and mild tonight. cloudy again tomorrow, but warm. temperatures tomorrow are going to easily get into the mid and upper 60s. as we head into this evening, it says cloudy at 8:00 and this is the drizzle i was talking about. see it there? it's not going to amount to anything, but it's out there. a little wet weather in the evening forecast in the overnight hours. because the clouds and moisture linger. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, there's your commute. should be dry. it might be a little bit of moisture and a little bit north of santa rosa. but it's cloudy. and tomorrow afternoon, and then there's that drizzle again. maybe a little. it's a nonevent, basically. just not enough to really do anything great, but it's enough perhaps to put a glaze of moisture on the golden gate bridge. showers start to show up in santa rosa. tomorrow night into wednesday morning, we're looking -- or tomorrow night into thursday morning, we're looking for an
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opportunity for showers as more moisture streams on shore. so your thursday morning commute, not tomorrow morning, but thursday morning commute could have some significant wet on the roadways. tenth of an inch, quarter of an inch in some places. overnight wednesday into thursday morning event. and then we get another shot of rain as we go into sunday evening. showers, and this system does the same thing. main impacts will be north of here. most of the energy is driving well to the north of the bay area. north of san francisco. so san jose, you're not going to get much from this. you might get a tenth of an inch. 68 in san jose tomorrow. so warm, 68 in livermore. despite the cloud cover, temperatures are up there. in the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, overnight showers. overnight wednesday into thursday morning, and then partly cloudy, stays warm and mild, and then we get into saturday night, sunday, we have a chance for showers there.
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>> none of this is really great stuff. but it does appear as we get late into sunday, we could have some more stuff coming in behind us. we might get a string of wet weather, but you know, it's better than nothing, but it is essentially nothing. it's just a nuisance kind of shower. >> but every drop counts. >> i don't know if it's a drop, it's going to be wet. >> thanks, bill. we have breaking news. news chopper 2 over the scene in palo alto right now. some apartments are evacuated on peter court. here's the situation about 3:00 in the afternoon, people were nauseous. there may be some kind of gas being released in that area. they have evacuated some of the buildings. we're working to get more information as we do, we will bring it to you. >> a new warning on antibiotics from the cdc. the big mistakes doctors make when they prescribe medications. plus -- >> i like to learn new things
5:22 pm
always. >> students in west oakland getting a lesson in technology from people building a brand- new gateway right in their city. >> now to julie haener in the newsroom with what we're working on at 6:00. >> a gray horned owl suspected of being poisoned. the potential connection between growing marijuana and a potential threat to wildlife. facebook may be the first to bankroll a full-time police officer. why not everyone likes the idea of a private company paying for a public service. these stories and more coming up new at 6:00.
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this is where the vehicle is going to stop. it's going to release one and go on. >> inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. as the goal of bart which hosted a group of students in oakland. members of project lead the way. that's an engineering program. and today they got a behind the scenes look at bart's oakland airport connector project, which included a tour and a presentation. students also heard from bart employees who shared stories. the students say it was helpful as they consider their future. >> from a very young age, i've always been very interested in math and science and i like to learn new things always. >> bart says today's event is meant to encourage local young folks to pursue careers in science, engineering, math, and technology. bart's airport connector is set to begin running this fall.
5:26 pm
it will replace the air bus system. >> patients are put at unnecessary risk because antibiotics aren't prescribed properly. the centers for disease control prevention says some doctors prescribe three times the dose than others. and practices very widely and they are often mistakes. this is all published in their vital science report that was released this afternoon. the cbc outlined ways to make improvements. if you'd like to look under web links. new air bus set to begin operations at san francisco international airport later this week. the air bus a321t will offer daily flights from sfo to new york. today we got an inside look at the new plane. american says it's the only transcontinental plane providing a three cabin class layout. the aircraft features flat seats in first class and
5:27 pm
business class. the a321 is set to go into service this thursday, operated from sfo to jfk airport in new york. >> more bay area parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids. >> everyone has their own reasons for deciding what they choose to do with their children. >> after the break, the new tool that shows just how many people are opting out. >> then an out of control house party ends with a 71-year-old hospitalized and a teenager behind bars. the confrontation that led to the attack. >> and a little later, extreme measures, why one bay area city could pay double for its water. we get to the end of the day dinner'and i am toast. suit. in fact, we've had toast for dinner. but tonight i nailed it. kfc family feast. 9 pieces any recipe, 3 large sides, 6 biscuits, $19.99. do not give up on dinner. ♪
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[ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. more bay area parents opting out of getting their kids vaccinated. it's what people had suspected. that proof comes in the form of a map now available to everyone. it shows low immunization levels at several daycares and schools in contra costa county. ann ruben here to show us that map and why some say it highlights a threat to the entire community. ann. >> public health officials hope this will increase awareness.
5:31 pm
the idea is that you'll be able to look at the map, click on your neighborhood, and find vaccination information about the school of your choice. >> a map of all the kindergartens. >> launched today, contra costa health services hope this map will be a tool to fight the outbreak of disease. find out just how many kids are vaccinated. at schools marked with red dots, more than 10% have opted out of immunizations. >> red dot schools are vulnerable. >> whooping cough, measles, are required. state law allows people to file a personal belief information and increasing numbers are. public health experts call it a disturbing trend. >> if 10% or more opt out, diseases will return. >> briefly closed in 2008 due
5:32 pm
to an outbreak of whooping cough. and according to the map, it has the highest number of families opting out of immunization at 50%. a parent isn't surprised. >> it's a really tough, complicated issue and everyone has their own reasons for diseasing what they choose to do with their children. >> and school administrators say they, too, have a delicate balance. respecting parents decisions, but also trying to do what they can to protect public health. they require nonimmunized kids to stay home during outbreaks of disease. as for the new map tool, it's interesting. >> does it influence whether i come to the school or not? i probably won't look at it. >> vaccination information for other counties is available on a state website, but in a different format. contra costa county hopes by making the map more acceptable, more people will use it. ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on california
5:33 pm
requirements. seeking a personal belief exception to obtain a doctor's note. a separate religious exception. doctors who choose the religious option are not required to get a doctor's signature. our web team listed a link at you can find it under web links. a candle light vigil is set to be held tonight for an 8th grader in martinez. jenna was hit and killed by a freight train on sunday night. her mother posted on facebook that jenna and her boyfriend had been sitting on the tracks. they moved away as the train approached, but then jenna ran back to get her cell phone and that's when she was killed. jenna's classmates had been wearing pink because it was her favorite color. tonight's vigil is being held at 6:30. a 57-year-old woman from san mateo was arraigned today on a charge of murder with special circumstances. she is accused of attacking and killing her mother. police say cindy burrellly hit her 75-year-old mother with a
5:34 pm
hammer several times causing skull fractures. investigators say the attack happened on sunday at the mother's home in newark after the two argued. the mother died last night as a result of her injuries. a 71-year-old man is in intensive care after police say he was attacked during a confrontation over a loud party near his home. ktvu's robert honda is live where he learned a 16-year-old boy was arrested for the crime. >> here at the santa cruz sheriff department, a deputy announced the arrest, but the suspect in this alleged attack is 16 years old, so very few details can be released about the juvenile at this time. now the arrest comes after the sheriff department investigated a party in the town saturday night that they say got out of hand. the party was at a house on skyward drive, attended mostly by local high school students and teenagers. we understand the party took place because the host's
5:35 pm
parents were not home. a neighbor, michael mora went over to ask some of the party goers to move their cars. a neighbor told us people at the scene said a male teenager came over very upset at mora. >> he was attacked from behind, blind sided, struck violently on the side of the head. and he was pushed, shoved, down the embankment and then the assailant continued to pummel him. >> he reportedly underwent brain surgery. reports that he had two broken arms were not accurate. we were told morra is in stable condition. the sheriff's department says the alleged attacker is in custody. >> we were able to identify a suspect and contact him and place him under arrest for assault with great bodily injury and elder abuse. >> it was very serious what he did, and you know, thank god that michael's injuries weren't
5:36 pm
more severe. we could have lost him easily. >> morra pictured here working at his business is recovering at the hospital. the suspect will be processed through the local juvenile court. live in santa cruz, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> fremont police are looking for man who groped a teenager. that victim told officers officers she was walking on the drive when the man groped her from behind and ran off. that teen was a little shaken up, but not physically injured. the man is described as caw caucasian in his 30s. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. the east contra costa county fire department has tabled plans on a tax measure. the district had been considered a $98 tax for homeowners for each of the ten years. the money would have gone to keep five fire stations open. the times reports the fire district had a tough time
5:37 pm
measuring support for the tax because less than 2% of residents responded to their survey. >> paying more for water in a drought. >> frustrating, because there's nothing we can do about it, you know, we still need to drink water. >> the plan expected to pass tonight that would double water bills in one part of the bay area. then, he protected people, but now this dog needs your help. the call tonight to help a police canine just diagnosed with a serious disease. >> but first, the sobering reminder. how bay area teens learn the dangers of drinking and driving. [son] she has no idea.
5:38 pm
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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5:40 pm
a teen rushed to the hospital as paramedics try to save a life. this may look real, but it's a recreation. part of a program designed to keep students from drinking and driving. we have all seen the headlines of promising young students involved in dui crashes. a real life lesson of getting behind the wheel drunk. >> today involved in a vehicle accident. >> santa clara valley medical center is hosting its annual every 15 minutes program. it's hard to believe, but one person died every 15 minutes in alcohol related crashes. the rate has improved since then. now to every 30 minutes. still with so many becoming
5:41 pm
victims, this powerful two-day program shows high school students the impact of one very bad decision. >> really challenges the students. drinking and driving and how it affects people and how it affects them and their families and their friends. >> students received a real response. and doctors. as well as the impact a crash has on the families of the driver and other victims involved. four students participated in the presentation with one of them playing the role of the drunk driver. the other three passengers, one of whom later died. >> this is a very emotional program for both the students and the families. i think that carries over into the peer level, at the high school. >> the program is aimed at putting into perspective the magnitude and the effects of students decisions. it continues tomorrow with the school assembly to drive home the real-life risk of drinking and driving.
5:42 pm
stepped up security goes into effect tonight at the peace center in san jose where the sharks game is about to get underway. visitors will need to pass through metal detectors and undergo electronic wand screening as well as pat downs and bag searches. the national hockey league is requiring to beef up security as the season winds down and increased attendance ahead of the playoffs. officials say the security checks can lead to delays and suggesting fans arrive earlier than normal. the sharks are facing off against the carolina hurricanes at 7:30 this everyoning. facebook is giving users more control. you can now block specific websites that friends might post on your feed. the feature allows you to get rid of specific content without unfriending or unfollowing someone. you just click the downward arrow in the upper right corner of the post if you'd like to hide the website. >> california's drought has one bay area city running dry. >> because of the drought, the
5:43 pm
city is looking to buy water, but who is it that will be paying the price? >> also, girl scouts selling cookies and being stuck with counterfeit cash. how the fake bills checked out as real. >> right after the break, more wet weather headed our way. i'll let you know the time line for both weather systems and how they might impact your commutes or your weekend.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
president obama's $9 trillion budget proposal for next year was delivered to
5:46 pm
congress today. our washington, d.c. bureau was there as a plan on capitol hill. president obama's proposal includes new tax credits and job training programs. it also reflects promises that the president made in his state of the union address in which he focused on income inequality. >> we have to decide if we're going to keep squeezing the middle class or continue to reduce the deficits responsibly. >> president's plan is already being met with resistance on capitol hill. house boehner says it spends and borrows taxes too much. benjamin netanyahu will be in the bay area this weekend. in which he is featured. when mr. netanyahu visits the area, he'll meet with governor brown. he's expected to visit apple headquarters in cupertino and the messaging company bought by facebook. now to california's drought and tonight the crisis has one bay area city considering some
5:47 pm
extreme measures. the city council is expected to approve a plan this evening that could possibly double what it normally spends on water and ktvu's rob roth spoke to family. they will have to pay more for water. rob. >> residents have been asked to conserve water by as much as 20%. even so, their water bills could soon go higher. to save water, coleen mixes super hot water from her kitchen with cold water from the bathroom to wash her face. that way she doesn't have to waste water by running the tap until it warms up. and she times the showers for her four children. >> we want to be fair. we have a big family. we don't want to use up all the water, so we do limit their water. >> but even so, her water bill could soon go up because of the drought. the city council is calling a special meeting this evening to discuss spending almost a million dollars more for water
5:48 pm
than in past years. that's because vanesia usually relies on the state water project for 85% of its supply. the state is shutting off supply from a more expensive source. >> this recommendation is being made so that the city would be able to bank water to use either this year or in the next several years if this drought continues. >> the cost may be passed on to customers, including joy alberts who uses water from her rain barrel for her garden. >> it's frustrating because there's nothing we can do about it. we need to drink water. >> it's a commodity that costs more. that's the reality. >> other water agencies we contacted, including marin aren't -- but they are relying on the state water project.
5:49 pm
raise water aids by this summer. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's check in now with our chief meteorologist to find out if anymore rain is headed our way. >> there's a chance for more wet weather, but not enough to make a big difference. the system coming in late tomorrow night looks like it could drop a tenth of an inch at best. further to the north, so the main dynamics from the systems, there's one coming in this weekend, the dynamics are going to stay north of santa rosa and north of san francisco. we do have a shot for some light showers. pull the clouds out, and you could see a few. this stuff out by antioch, that returns off the davis radar. that's picking up windmills they put out there. so that's a signature you always see when i show the radar, especially this time of year. the winds are light, pretty light and stay light. no big changes in the wind. we have coastal fog at the golden gate bridge. patchy coastal fog and those
5:50 pm
high clouds are going to be around all day tomorrow. the computer model. it's going to show clouds and temperatures. so as we get into the afternoon hours, it stays partly to mostly cloudy and you have temperatures, these are going to be upper 60s and 70s showing up. despite the cloud cover, it's going to be pretty warm. system number one of these two comes on in here thursday morning, late tomorrow night into thursday morning. .05 to maybe a quarter of an inch in the heaviest locations. in the hills, maybe an inch of rain. sunday system comes in a little bit more juice. but .25 to .50, maybe an inch. main dynamics with these next two relatively weak systems will be far north of the bay area. the real dynamics around fort brag. so, tomorrow morning, you got 6:00 a.m., cloudy. you're fine. then you go into 7:00, the commute is dry, but this system starts to come in. this is the overnight one for
5:51 pm
tomorrow night and there it is. that's overnight, 10:00 tomorrow night, 11:00 it rolls through and it's gone. so by thursday morning, there will be some wet on the roadways, but it's, you know, it's probably dry from the sky. and then thursday at 6:00, there you go. and then we move forward to the forecast highs for tomorrow and you're looking at despite the cloud cover, pretty warm. 66 in concorde and 60 in pacifica. cloudy, but mild. and the rain will develop late tomorrow night into early thursday morning, which could have an impact on the thursday morning commute. here's that second shot of rain i showed you earlier. that shows up here saturday morning and they are just, i hate to say weak, but they are weak at this point. the sunday one, too, but it looks like there's more down the line. the flow is moist, there's clouds moving in. it's not a blocking dry pattern. so there's a chance for showers as we go into the next week or so. the next two look relatively mild. >> they'll take a chance, thanks, bill.
5:52 pm
the monterey bay whale watch posted this video. it shows a group of orcas bullying a larger blue whale. the blue whale lifting and slapping its flip in response to an orca bite and second believed to be that of the attacking orca. the interaction happened yesterday during a whale watching tour. if you'd like to take another look at this video, we posted the entire video on our website, scroll down to the video player right there on our home page. the former bay area police officer now working to help his former partner. >> he is the best partner i've ever had. >> the efforts tonight to pay for care for a canine with cancer. >> now to julie haener in the newsroom with a look at what we're looking at coming up at 6:00. >> wildlife experts are investigating whether a gray owl was poisoned. how this case could be part of an alarming trend. plus, facebook could make history by finding a full-time
5:53 pm
police officer. the partnership could set a troubling precedent. these stories and more coming up in ten minutes at 6:00.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
months could some day provide an alternative to the daily pill. the experimental drug has only been tested on monkeys. the shot completely protected the monkeys from infection. the breast cancer mortality rate is going down in the u.s., but not for african american women. a national study by the avon foundation for women shows san francisco and oakland are among the top cities with racial disperties. in oakland, the mortality gap has grown to ratio of four black women dying for every three white women who die. in san francisco, the ratio is about 5 black women to every 4 white women. overall, about 1700 more black women die each year than white women due to the disperty. new at 5:00, a dog that helped police protect people now need a little help himself. this former canine officer named bosco has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone
5:57 pm
cancer. and his medical bills are now mounting. a nonprofit group was helping raise money for bosco's medical bills and chemotherapy. he received his first treatment today. >> i think he is doing excellent and he is getting around great. he has an excellent quality of life, which is the most important thing. >> doctors were forced to amputate bosco's right leg and shoulder. he retired from the police force in 2008 and his human partner, former officer, joe walter, says he owes bosco big time, because he was a dependable canine that he could always count on. >> bosco is the best partner i ever had. selfless, selfless devotion to me, the community, loved working and doing everything we did together. >> he is so cute. the cost of his operation is expected to cost nearly
5:58 pm
$10,000. a fund has been set up and if you'd like to donate, you can find a link on some southern california girl scouts are learning the hard way about counterfeit cash. they say a man and a woman bought cookies within minutes of each other using fake $50 bills and received real cash for change. it happened on saturday. despite the fact the bills checked out as real with a security pen. >> even though we had the pen, the counterfeit pen, the pen did not work. it showed that it was a good bill. it's unfortunate because our girls are trying to trust people. >> the spokesperson for the sheriff's department decided to help out and gave the troop a lesson on identifying counterfeit cash. the troop lost a total of $2,000 and the girls are liable for that money. banks across the country are scrambling to upgrade their
5:59 pm
atm's to keep hackers away. microsoft will stop issuing security updates for windows xp as of april 8. and 95% of bank atm's use that software. if banks fail to update that software, customer information could be at risk. now at 6:00, two investigate the pain of a list of things that still need to be done to the new eastern span at the bay bridge. and tonight we're talking with bridge officials about what is next. facebook offers to pay for a police officer. the concerns some have about letting a private company foot the bill for public safety. >> lottery larceny. someone stole an entire scratcher ticket machine, police say that person will lose in the end. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> the new eastern span of the bay bridge is open to drivers, but tonight we took the 147
6:00 pm
page document of work left to be done straight to bridge officials. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. investigate the bridge punch list and we told you about it last night. tonight the toll bridge program oversight committee was briefed on that long list and ktvu's tom baker was the only reporter to talk with bridge officials as they left that meeting and he joins us live. tom. >> the committee is comprised of the head of caltrans, the head of the california transportation commission and steve who is the head of the mtc and chairman. now what they wanted to do was not just talk about those items and many other items that will be fixed, they wanted to know about other long-term kind of things and they wanted to hear direct from caltrans other than the way they normally hear about it, which is usually in the news. based on these punch lists that we showed you yesterday, the questions the oversight committee is most interested

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